Ku Mays


Shaku, or Ku as his friends know him, is an accomplished musician. For the past ten years he has worked on a variety of projects through the group Stranj Child and as a solo performer. The Stranj Child song Prelude to the Future was featured in the Fox TV series A Party of Five, and he has contributed music to The Dirty Job series and Slacktime.

Shaku has released the self-titled Ku Mays in 2001 and The Elbow Project in 2003, he also apart of the DJ crew The Soul Clap Project. Shaku lives in Milwaukee with his wife and his twins Maia and Jetta. At night he is a real life superhero keeping the streets of Milwaukee safe as a crime scene investigator.

Selected Works My Ex Boyfriends Music 2003 A Little Horror Music 2003 The Elbow Project Music / CD 2003 The Dirty Job 5: The Deal Music 2002 The Dirty Job 4: The Tale of Ralphie Kleinman Music 2002 The Dirty Job 3: The Cretin Music 2001 The Dirty Job 2: Dead As I Wanna Be Music 2001 The Dirty Job Music 1999 Ku Mays Music / CD 2001 Slacktime Role: Weinstein Music 2000
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